Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yank my Mom Card - reason #46349 last Friday I broke down and decided to take Parker to the doctor.  He'd had this little rash that was sticking around and I couldn't rid it with cortisone cream so, after a week, I figured I should get the dear pediatrician to take a look at him.

Honestly, I figured he'd gotten into something that irritated him or got some bug bites - he has incredibly sensitive skin after all.  I really figured the pediatrician would tell me I was being too cautious and send me on my way.

Oh I go about explaining the various places where I've noticed this "rash", he's nodding his head and looking Parker over.  I then mention - very casually because it really meant nothing to me - that he had had a ulcer in his mouth, on the left side where his cheek and gum meet.  I figured his gum was irritated because we're due for 2 year molars on the bottom and his 1 year on that side really busted his gum open in a serious way. the mention of the mouth sore, the pediatrician's head pops up and he looks at me with this knowing look he has....he asks if he's run any fevers?  No.  Acted like he felt bad, lethargic?  No.  Then....he turns his hands over....looks at his feet....then the dreaded words come from his mouth....

Hand.  Foot.  Mouth.

How could I not have known????  I start apologizing to the that's going to make it better.  Then I apologize to Parker for not having figured it out. 

Seriously though, all other Mom's that I know who've dealt with Hand, Foot and Mouth have had kids who were terribly sick, sores all over their mouths, running fevers, awfully lethargic.  My child, who spikes a fever at a mere sniffle - acted completely normal for the entire time he was "sick". 

Oh well....chalk up another reason why I should have mom Mom Card yanked.....but you'll have to take it from my cold hand.  ;-)

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