Monday, September 26, 2011

I know where my brain cells went during pregnancy

So....shall we talk about how my son's mind is like a steel trap?  Shall we?  Let's just say you musn't tell the child ANYTHING that you don't want him to remember with absolute clarity.  Take for example....

Shooter and I went away this weekend for a delayed anniversary trip, our anniversary is near the beginning of September, and Grandma and Grandpa came to baby/house/dog sit for the weekend.  While we were away, we found a neat little gift shop that had some of the same sock monkeys that Parker has at home.  We bought a little, tiny one as he's now in this stage of categorizing everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - as Daddy, Mommy, Baby. 

Let me take a tangent here....the child categorizes his Mater cars, his Lightning McQueen cars, his french fries, his sock's a terrible addiction that he has..... after about 4 hours of having Baby Sock Monkey, one of its arms falls off.  No reason why, Parker had barely looked at it.  Shooter haphazardly says, "Leah must have gotten him."  Leah, our miniature schnauzer, who has a soft spot for stuffed animals - meaning she likes to rip them to shreds.  Well, Parker wasn't the least bit happy about it...proclaims that Baby Sock Monkey is "bwoken" and that "Lele got 'em".  I tell Parker that Mommy will fix it and take Baby Sock Momkey to the doctor to have him stitched up.  After several minutes of the same conversation repeated....and repeated.....we finally got Parker in to his crib.  He would then lay down only to pop right back up and repeat the conversation about how Lele got the baby sock monkey and now it's broken.  Argh...I'm about to live the book I've heard so much about, I fear.  But finally we got Parker settled with no more peeps about baby sock monkey, or Lele or doctors.

I go in to wake the little man up this morning...and his first words were, "MOMMY!!!!!".  Well, no, actually, they were "Baby Sock Monkey bwoken, where he go?"  "On the shelf sweetie, Mommy has to take him to the doctor today."  "He bwoken, arm huuurt, Lele got 'em". 

Our poor dog will never live this down and I fully believe she's innocent of all wrong doing.

Again, you can't tell the child anything...he remembers it!  Every detail burned into his toddler brain like the plot to his favorite Cars movie.  This is going to be a long trek through childhood with him. 



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Jeneen said...

Hilarious! I felt like I was repeating a convo with Jax for a second.

So how about this one. For a week Jax is running around the house yelling (more like screeching) "ah AH AAHHHH CHOOOOO!" So Jesse and I are both like... aw that's cute he's fake sneezing. But then it went on, and on, and on, and ON. Fast forward a week and I'm thinking "are we learning to sneeze at school or something?" AND THEN IT HITS ME.
We're SnotRod.

Well, good news is, once I classified who Jax was... we moved on to bigger and better things. Tractors that tip over and go "frrrrt".

Cars 2 comes out November 1 right? Can't wait.