Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Opinions, everybody's got one!

So....My toddler is becoming increasingly opinionated.  He's suddenly wanting to weigh in on the shirt he wears to school, what pajamas he wears at night......even going so far as to declare opinions about dinner before he's even tasted it.

One night we sat down for dinner and Parker asks, "What dat ting?"  I tell him that it's chicken and he'll like it.  I get a "Mmm, 'kay" in response.  Then we have this exchange:
 He points to the next pile on his plate, "What dat ting?" 
"That's a bean salad, you'll like it." 
"Me uh no like 'em beans, Mommy" 
"What dis, Mommy?" 
"Those are cucumbers baby, you'll like them."
"Me like 'em."

He tries said cucumbers and decides pretty quickly that he doesn't like them.  I'm determining that he has a pretty interesting palate...he's not so into the crunchy stuff, which is what excites me about food.  He promptly spits out the cucumber and says, "Mommy, me uh no like 'em cucubers."  I explain that I'm happy he tried them and that it's okay if he doesn't like them.  From there, however, the toddler who "no like 'em beans", ate most of what was served to him.  Yesssss!

Since then, he likes to tell us when he likes or dislikes something.  Most funny was the night he declared that he liked cauliflower.  This was much to my amazement, as I wasn't aware that he'd had it before.  We soon found out that it wasn't the cauliflower he liked, but rather the dip he was licking off the cauliflower.

And just yesterday, when I went to put on his blue sandals (that went with his blue shorts and his yellow/blue shirt) he says, "NO MOMMY!  Brown shoes."  I reasoned with him for a few min and then gave it up...why bother, it's a little thing and I'm not sweating it!  So we put on the brown shoes...with the blue shorts....and he looked cute as a button.  :-)

I'm  having a pretty fun time finding out who my little man is on the inside.

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whitney said...

at least his clothes preferences match! i'm fairly certain mine never did... that is, if i was allowed to choose clothes (before the age of 18)

btw, i have a different blog... :)