Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today's installment of things that annoy me

So...wanna know how to get me to roll out of bed on the wrong side?  Wanna know how to really throw my day into the crapper before it's even begun?

Decide that you are going to be stupid and not set your alarm.

Better yet.....
Decide that you are going to be stupid and not set your alarm.
Then decide that it is a good idea to call your boss (MY HUSBAND) at 5am to tell him that you'll be late for work even though you're walking out the door and end up at work on time so your boss (MY HUSBAND) can't even write you up for being STUPID.

When you decide you're going to be stupid....it doesn't just affect you...or your boss....it puts your boss' wife in a really crappy mood.  I had at least another hour of good sleep waiting of rme...but NOOOOO....you had to be STUPID!  I'm fighting off a cold and that hour of sleep would have been so nice. 

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Jeneen said...

Here's what annoyed me yesterday:
The visible, but not present playground "Dad" .
OK so I try REALLY hard not to judge other parents (or else be judged) but to the Dad at the playground sucked into his "smart"phone while the little boy yelled "Dad, dad, Daaaaad!" (also known as LOOK AT ME DANGIT!) continued to vie for Dad's attention. I tried to look uninterested, but then felt bad, and wanted to be interested since "dad" wasn't. Poor kid.

So judgement of the day: don't take your kids out to "spend time" if you're going to crawl up the a** of your smartphone..... stupidperson. The End.