Friday, September 30, 2011

Nickname: Blackhawk

So, Shooter had to work late tonight, end of month for his job = he has to close = late night getting home.  I decided to go pick up Parker and go on a little dinner date with him.  One of our local McDonald's has the only Toddler Playplace in existence so I thought that might be a fun thing to try.  Yea, not so much....

First off, I had to travel North from the house and that's something I try to not do too very often.  I just prefer the shopping and restaurants and such in the areas South of our house.  Secondly, it nearly drove me to drink because people were not following the rules - I like it when people follow rules!

I mean,'s a TODDLER Playplace.  That means your kid, who is 5 feet tall and weighs 90 pounds and is 8 yrs old, shouldn't be running around all crazy like while my 2 year old is trying to have some fun.  Your kid, who insists on pushing my kid off of toys, is about to get a smack down laid on him.

I had a really hard time sitting there and letting Parker play....I had to fight the urge to become one of those hovering of those.....helicopter Moms.  I want my kid to be safe when he plays with other kids.  That means I prefer that kids who are 8-13 not play in the same area with my 2 year old.  That means that I prefer that the child who is about to cough up a lung not breathe on my child.  That means that I really don't care for another toddler grabbing my son's milk cup from my hand and trying to run with it - and the Mom just sit there.

I want my kid to be socialized....but I'm beginning to think that I can just let day care be that socialization and that we're going to hibernate at our house the rest of the time.

I seriously don't want to be a hovering Mom - I want my kid to experience the world....but can't I just have it on my own terms and at the speed at which I'm most comfortable?

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JeneenO said...

That McD sucks. Consider the area. 'nuff said.