Friday, June 19, 2009

Still waiting....


Have I ever mentioned that I'm not a really patient person? During the 10 months that it took Shooter and I to get pregnant with Parker I was one of the most impatient people ever. Every month I was filled with "whys" and "why nots". Questioning and wondering.

Once we finally got pregnant I was so super excited but impatient for each new milestone in my pregnancy. Now I'm impatient for the arrival of my little boy. I'm anxious to see his face and nibble his little baby toes and kiss on his round baby belly.

Apparently he's not as impatient to see me. Ha!

I'll be 37 weeks on Monday and finally considered full term. He, according to my doctor today, seems to have turned head down and is in position. So now he holds all the cards! It's in God's timing and Parker's need to come visit us.

I'm actually thinking it might be next weekend. Not sure why but I have that in my head for some reason. We'll see, my mother's intuition so far has been pretty spot on.

I'll have to get some photos taken because this baby belly is OUT OF CONTROL!

Also, I owe you more pics of the jungle that my tomato plants have become. It's crazy! I've started harvesting them and oh they're so tasty!!!!!!



April said...

And now I'm craving tomatoes...BIG TIME!!

You are REALLY close now! That is awesome! I wonder if you will be delivering Parker by next weekend??? That would be awesome!

Emily Jean said...

Wow So Close! I was patient until I hit 37 weeks, and then I lost it! I was sooo ready!! And he only came 2 days early!

Be strong! Your precious Hunter will be here before you know it!

Emily Jean said...

I'm sorry, I meant Parker, I saw April's post and thought of her lil man!

Too many baby boys on my Momnesia Brain!