Monday, June 22, 2009

July 7th??????

I just looked up the next full moon and it happens to be on July 7th....Could that be the day??!!??!

Personally, I don't care. I'm not one of those hyper pregnant women who've planned out their birthing experience to the letter. I figure things will go awry and we'll have bumps along the way. I only have three things I'm particular about -
2 - I really don't want to be induced.
3 - I really don't want a C-section.

Other than those three - I'm flexible and willing to go with what the doctor says.

Oh....this weekend we did get the car seat installed...I think. It was a painful process. One that caused many tears and gnashing of teeth. We have a compact car, even though it's a sedan, and the seat barely fits in the backseat and barely allows room for the adult passengers up front. I think Shooter finally figured it out but I think we'll have to be shopping for a bigger replacement car here soon. I vote for a Honda CRV! :-)

I am 37 weeks along today - Parker is considered full-term and can come any day! I'm ready for him to come on the personal, emotional and physical front however not so ready on the professional/work front. I need this week to get things in order and ready to go. We'll see what tomorrow brings. I have another sonogram to confirm that he has migrated heads down (I really think he has) and see how big he is. After that I go see my OB and my guess is we'll create our battle plan depending on where he is and his size.

Whew! Let's get this show on the road!!!


April said...

Wow, 37 weeks! He can come ANY day now! :-) It sounds like you guys are mostly all set and ready for his arrival!

bekah said...

ooh my next ultrasound in the 7th...I think it sounds like a good day for a baby to be born as well!!

whitney said...

ooo on my birthday maybe?!?!?!

you HAVE to have someone call me when you go into labor... otherwise i'll be mad.

we're looking at a honda element :)