Sunday, June 14, 2009

Starting the waiting game!

I know I've been a bad blogger....almost another two weeks has passed without a post from me. I do just seems to me like I don't really have anything new to post. The heartburn remains....the thank yous remain unwritten...the doctors appointments keep is winding down...I'm still tired...blah blah blah. See nothing interesting to write! went and purchased our infant car seat carrier and stroller. We, as in Shooter and I, have been debating the merits of full sized strollers, lightweight strollers, travel systems and such until we just can't take it anymore. Finally we just decided that we'd get a nice lightweight stroller and a separate infant carrier rather than a bulky travel system. We ended up with this:

We decided on getting the Maxi-Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat and the Maxi-Cosi Perle stroller. I have a coworker who has this and she just LOVES it...I can see why...the thing turns on a dime and is lightweight and folds up into nothing. The carrier is not the lightest on the market but it's also way lighter than some others out there.

We have it put together and sitting in Parker's we're just waiting. We need to install the base into my car and then we're all systems go.

I have felt like he's turned and settled down a lot in the last few days. I'm feeling him all out in front of me and his movements are more rolling than the punches and kicks from a few days ago. I feel the little swirls down low and the kick like feelings up high, which leads me to believe that he has decided to head south. I hope so...I DO NOT want a cesearean delivery.

I am having to eat super small meals about 2-3 hours apart because I just have no room in my stomach anymore. Part of it is that I am fighting morning sickness again which is a pain in the butt. I woke up the other night, nauseaous, couldn't go back to sleep and went to the nursery to just sit and sip on a Coke until it passed. I figured it won't be long until I'm doing that but nursing the baby instead of a Coke. :-)

I hope everyone is doing well...I know we're hanging out and just waiting for the "I think it's time" go signal. :-)



April said...

You're so close. I can imagine how anxious you must feel! Can't wait to see pictures!!

bekah said...

he will be here SOOOO soon!!!!!