Thursday, May 28, 2009

Seriously...where has time gone?

Okay...I just realized that it's been something like 16 days since my last blog posting and some of
you are probably wondering what has happened to me.

Well, nothing has just happened....

Time seems to have sped up considerably and each day passes at mach speed. I feel like the Millennium Falcon whipping through the universe with the stars streaking past me.

I have honestly been spending much time stressing about this pregnancy, what's going to happen after the baby is born, and just dealing with a lot of stuff.

I am now starting to feel some of the amazingly wonderful symptoms of pregnancy too. My ankles are swelling to phenomenal proportions and I've had to ditch my wedding rings. My belly is poking outward at an alarming pace and the baby is growing and kicking like crazy.

Basically everything is great with the baby...we think....I would have said that unequivocally yesterday however today I received a call from my nurse indicating my OB wasn't happy with the results from my sonogram last week. She said my amniotic fluid level was a little high, 21.62 where 21 is the high end of normal. I go in next week for another sonogram at my high risk doctor's office so hopefully the news will be better.

I did have my first baby shower over the weekend and my second one this afternoon. I'll be posting pictures from this weekend and also the progression of the nursery over the course of the next few days. And I promise to try to be better about posting. :-)



Emily Jean said...

Welcome Back!

April said...

I was getting worried! Don't do that again! LOL

I hear ya on life getting crazy. It sounds like you've had a lot going on!

By the way, when I had my Level II u/s back around 18-20 weeks, when we had our pregnancy scare, the Maternal Fetal Dr. told me (cuz they told me then that my amniotic fluid level was on the higher end of normal) that boys often have more amniotic fluid. So I wouldn't stress too much. Keep us posted on what your doctor says!

Anonymous said...
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