Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Customer service....gone the way of the dinosaur.... this saga started on Saturday....and was only reconciled yesterday late afternoon.

(Names have been changed to protect the innocent, and me, but you can figure out who the guilty parties are easily enough...)

It started oh so innocently with me dropping off a prescription for my iron pills at the CraptasticValueShop that is around the corner from my house. I moved all prescriptions to that location because a local WalGreenjeans was horrible. Until now I've been really happy with the local CraptasticValueShop and have had no reason to complain.

Well, I dropped off that scrip and then 15 min later got a call from the pharmacist indicating that they didn't have the name brand in stock and would I settle for the generic - if I get the generic then I can get the scrip filled today. I'm not a generic drug kinda gal, so I said I'd wait for the name brand to come in on Monday.

I stop by the pharmacy on Monday afternoon, after work to pick up my scrip (as well as one for Shooter) and the tech says, "That'll be $80+ because this drug isn't covered by your insurance." I am flabbergasted because I happen to carry some of the world's best insurance and they cover practically everything for practically no co-pay. I shrug and ask the pharmacist, a gentleman who I question whether had any sense about anything, if the generic is covered and if it is I'll just take that. He comes back and tells me it's covered but they have to order it. I don't question at this point, I just tell him I'll come back tomorrow. the meantime....on Tuesday morning I call my insurance company Ate-nada and they say that they drug is by all means covered and they're not sure why it would come back as not covered. Only reason they could figure is that the pharmacy did something wrong when they submitted it in the system. Argh!

I call CraptasticValueShop back and talk to the tech who answered the phone. She's amazed at my story and puts the original scrip back into the system and says she's not sure what happened initially because it's now coming back with a correct co-pay. She puts the phone down and yells at the pharmacist, "Did you work on XXXX for a patient yesterday?" The pharmacist says, "Yea, why??" Then the tech realizes I'm not really on hold and puts me on hold. She comes back and all she says is that they'll fix the problem and my scrip will be ready that afternoon.

I mean took me 4 days to get one prescription filled. Back and forth and back and forth...I'm surprised my filter stayed intact and I didn't go off on anyone. Here lately the baby has been sucking all filters from me and what I think immediately comes out of my mouth. Luckily for me...and for the pharmacy folks....the filter remained intact and I was able to maintain my grace and dignity. :-) ha!


Emily Jean said...

I always dread going to the pharmacy!! Always drama!!

the cubicle's backporch said...

I haven't filled a prescription in about two years, and after going to the derm, I dropped mine off at the local wal-fart. For the next WEEK I would drop in and was stunned to see that the line was never less than 10 people (!!!) deep. Ridiculous!

I'm glad your prescription got straigtened out. I hate dealing with any of it!