Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's amazing-wee awesome!

I had a friend send me a link to a blog/website that was chock full of great ideas for feeding your babies and toddlers. I really didn't give it much thought other than, "Wow, wouldn't it be nice to be a stay-at-home Mom with all the time to devote to trying all these ideas and all the funds necessary to buy all these ingredients and be gorgeous and a former model".

I was looking for some recipes for toddlers and came across the same website again and when I looked at it through new "eyes" I really liked what I saw!

The website is called Weelicious and it's got a ton of really great recipes for not only your toddler/baby but also the entire family.

You must check it out - I know I'm inspired to expand Parker's culinary horizons.

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