Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My kid is unbelievable!

Okay...so in the past I've not made any secret about our troubles getting Parker to take more solid foods and even table food. It made getting a root canal seem like fun. It made going to the GYN seem like a picnic. It made 10 months of pregnancy and a c-section seem like a walk in the park!!! You get my drift.

Anyway....my son has now decided that he'll eat just about anything. Of course he has to be in the mood for it, but he'll eat almost anything I put in front of him. Yogurt and string cheese are our go-to snacks. But he's now decided that he loves Cinnamon Graham Crackers I give him those as a treat at the end of his meal. He loves the Gerber Graduates raviolis as they are the perfect size to pick up. This weekend I made a recipe from Weelicious.com called Cilantr "Os" . I thought they tasted really good and Parker gets them tomorrow in his lunch. We'll see how they go over.
Shooter and I went and tried out this new mexican restaurant that I've read about on several Atlanta food blogs and have been dying to try. It's Taco Rancho and it's on the grounds of the State Farmers Market in Forest Park. It's AMAZING!! Well, I should say that the Camarones taco I got was delicious...Parker's Vegetale taco was delish...and the guacamole was ip smacking good eats. My Carne Asada wasn't all that good, to be honest, the meat was overcooked and dry and so tough I couldn't even share any with P. I also got the corn on the cob which was mighty tasty. All in all, we will be going back. If no other reason than Parker LOVED the guacamole.

I first put a snall spoonful down on his placemat. He gave it a suspicious nudging with his pudgy little finger and then licked the foreign stuff on it. After smacking his lips and giving the approving, "Nom Nom Nom", he reached out and grabbed the small pile of guac and crammed it in his mouth...much like he's demonstrating above. He then started reaching for the bowl in front of me. So, like any good sacrificing Mom, I gave him pretty much the entire bowl. It was too much fun watching him snarf it down, to be honest! I ended up mixing in the contents of his vegetale taco with the guac to get some more veggies in him - he never flinched at the addition, just kept snarfing if down like we hadn't fed him in weeks and he didn't know when he'd see another meal. I think the waitresses were giving us the stink eye....

Oh....and the kid has figured out what the cake was all about that he decided not to touch at his birthday parties. Here he is at his Aunt Paige's party this weekend...again, snarfing down food....I SWEAR, we feed this kid!!! I promise!!!

I'm really enjoying watching him discover new tastes and things he enjoys. He gave some fried okra a real tentative taste...but didn't really eat any. He loves cantaloupe and plums and pluots. Oh...and cauliflower and cheese...watch out if you want to try to keep any of that to yourself!!!

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Bekah said...

yay parker! Good eating!