Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I would SO not make a good bedrest patient

Yesterday I had a bit of a scare during my doctor's visit. I went in, a little earlier than my scheduled appointment because I'd been having contractions, and discovered that my blood pressure was pretty high. Higher than it's been all through my pregnancy. I've been kinda worried that this day might come but had figured I was past the point where I'd really have to worry about it.

Well, after resting, my blood pressure still didn't go down far enough to please the doctor so she sent me over to the hospital for observation and blood work. Well, it took about an hour to just get in there, get settled, answer their questions, get hooked to monitors and have my blood drawn. Ugh! Then they said it would take another hour to get the results from my blood work. I hadn't had breakfast and it was lunch time...I was about to die! Luckily my nurse took pity on me and brought me a lunch menu so I ordered some lunch. Lunch came about 1pm, I'd arrived around 11:40am, and I didn't get the results from my blood work until between 3 and 3:30pm. I was so freakin' bored out of my mind that I thought I was going to go batty! The only thing on TV was the Michael Jackson memorial and I am so oversaturated with MJ coverage that I couldn't stand watching it. Also, I discovered that watching "A Baby Story" on TLC really isn't as entertaining when you're in the hospital hooked to monitors in a labor and delivery room! Thankfully my blood work results were all good and my observation went well so nothing further was needed to be done.

The doctor did send me home with strict instructions - no more work, rest, stay off my feet as much as possible and stay out of the heat. Not too hard...I can handle that!

I have to say that not having to worry about work has been one of the greatest gifts. I slept really well last night have abided by her orders to the letter!

I will keep everyone updated for when Parker arrives...he's being stubborn and slow so we might be waiting for a while. :-D


April said...

Wow! Well u rest up and take care of yourself! Hopefully little Parker will make his grand entrance really soon! :-)

the cubicle's backporch said...

I know I'm late commenting, but I hope everything is going okay!! Surely Parker has made his appearance by now... RIGHT?!