Friday, July 24, 2009

Gratuitious Cuteness!

Okay....I'm warning you now...there's more cuteness on this page than most people can handle in one day. It's overwhelming and could cause adverse effects on your fallopian tubes if you're a woman. Scroll at your own risk, that's all I'm saying. :-)

Okay...Here's baby Parker dressed to impress on the day we left the hospital.

Isn't the cuteness just jumping off the page at you? Those fingers...those cheeks...ugh, it's more than I can handle for sure. How I'm ever going to say no to this boy is beyond me.

Also, this cute bundle doesn't even come close to revealing the not so cute behavior that plagued us the night he came home. We were insulated in our nice warm hospital room. We were lulled into a false sense of security. We weren't exactly prepared for our first night home with this 8 pound munchkin. The night this boy came home with us was a night from hell. I won't sugar coat it, it was one of the hardest nights of my entire life. He had been through so much change that he was all out of sorts....and gassy....and just didn't feel good. Did I know how to soothe him, heck no! Did Grandma or Grandpa? No way....well, Grandma finally did get him hugged up to her so that his belly was up against hers and he seemed to like that....but mostly he just cried, and cried, and cried and couldn't be soothed. I cried and fought back the desire to drive back to the hospital and return him. No...I wouldn't have done that....well, seriously, I wouldn't have ever done that. I was thinking irrationally from lack of sleep, we all were. Luckily we went to see the pediatrician the next day and he was all like, "Give him some infant Mylicon drops and he'll be fine." Well thanks doc...where were you like 12 hours ago? :-) Anyway, Mylicon is the next best thing since sliced bread and Parker's cheeks. If you're a new Mom or about-to-be Mom, stock up. Trust me!

And now....for my little ducky....

Now those cheeks...they slay me....those blue eyes, oh Lordy be I'm in trouble. What else is there to say? He's just too cute for words. Of course, he's mine so I can be that blatantly biased. :-)

Hugs to you all!


April said...

Well now I'm happy that I got Mylicon at my shower. WOOT WOOT! LOL

And yes, those cheeks ARE heavenly!! I'm hoping you guys have since had some calmer nights since Parker's belly has settled down. :-)

calicobebop said...

That Mylicon stuff is the bee's knees! Muffin had gas trouble too and it was a life saver! Recently, she had eaten too much popcorn and complained of a belly ache - Mylicon to the rescue! Great for all ages!!

He's such a cutie! You guys are in deep trouble - how could you deny that little fellow ANYTHING?!?

Glad you are all doing well!

whitney said...

nah, i agree with you! he's got cheeks like my nephew... i tried nibbling on them today and he protested by puking on me.... love, i tell ya... love LOL

i demand a post with more than two pictures =P

Bogart in P Towne said...

So beautiful!

bekah said...

oh my gosh the cutie!!! Check out gripe water as well.

My nephew had really bad gas pains for the first few weeks, and mylicon stopped working for him. But Gripe water did the trick. Plus it works for other problems as well...I dont know how, but it does! And they seem to love the flavor.