Monday, April 27, 2009

Whew! Those are miracle pills!

Ha....gotcha with that title didn't I!

Well, last week was a rough week for me...I had my 1 hour gestational diabetes test scheduled and unfortunately I didn't pass. I have to go back on Thursday for the three hour test. I was really bummed but I have finally decided that it is what it is. If I don't pass the three hour for some reason, then Shooter and I will modify our eating habits and I'll do everything I can to keep my sugars down. Also, I found out that my iron was low...pretty darn low...and I'm now on iron pills. That's actually not bad news because since I've been on them my energy levels have really improved!

The weather this past weekend was unbelievable here in Atlanta so Shooter and I went to the nearby Lowe's and bought up a bunch of plants. I wanted to plant four or five new perennials in my front flower bed and I found some really nice ones to put out....a salvia, some kind of flowering grass, a fuschia, and another day lilly. It's really looking nice out there - my plan of loading up on gorgeous perennials that I can split and multiply is really working out! My hosta are monstrous this year (and will have to be split next year)! My black eyed susans are coming up in a huge bunch and so are my evening primroses. Those are all going to have to be split up next year which will really begin to fill out that bed. Also, my daylillies from last year are enormous! I can't wait to see how they bloom this year. We also bought some vegetable plants too. I decided I wanted to do tomatoes and basil again this year. We got one yellow pear tomato plant and four red grape tomato plants and four basil plants. We're going to have tomatoes coming out of our ears by the time Parker is born! But I'll also be making some darn good tomato basil salads. :-)

We planted all afternoon on Sunday and I actually got some good sun on my vampire pale arms. :-) I made sure that I didn't do too much and stayed hydrated...not even one braxton hicks to indicate I had overdone...I figured that was pretty awesome. Shooter also cleaned off our patio and it looks amazing! He's one of the most awesome peeps I know. Honestly.

I'm going to take some pictures this evening to post tomorrow. By the time I got my shower, I collapsed and then the sun had set. :-(

I'm proud of the progress we made outside in the flower beds and patio this weekend. It'll really be nice once the baby is born and the visitors come...they'll have a welcoming flower reception. :-) And we'll send them home with a bunch of tomatoes. ha!

What did you do this weekend?


April said...

Oh I'm jealous of all the planting you did! I LOVE black eyed susans...pretty! I dont' have a green thumb and attempted some flower gardening last year...well...not much is coming back up. LOL And Big D has been jonesing to start his veggie garden but we've been so busy IN the house. Send some tomatoes my way! LOL

whitney said...

I... what did I do? I died of a cold Saturday night, cleaned the dining room before that, and Sunday... I think I slept all day. Real productive.

When is Parker due again? Mom wants Justin and I to go visit in June, and you still owe me a trip to the Aquarium!!!