Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The garden project - front flower bed

As I said earlier this week, Shooter and I worked in our yard for a few hours on Sunday afternoon. Here are some pictures of all that's going on in my perennial flower bed.

Here is one of three hosta plants. When my Mom gave me this plant it was a clump barely bigger than my fist...that was three years ago.

Here are the other two hostas...both were very small when I first got them as divided plants from my Mom. Unbelievable!!!

Here are my daylillies that I planted last year. They're enormous!!!! They are going to have to be split next year for sure!

This is a perennial that I planted last year and honestly I can't remember what it is. I think it might be a Salvia but I'm not sure.

The clump in front of the bench are black eyed susans. They started out as a really small clump the size of my fist. They're spreading like wildfire and I LOVE IT!!!!!

In the foreground are some evening primroses that came from my Mom too. They're spreading like crazy and will make for some beautiful flowers in a few months. Behind them are some of the flower grass and the Salvia that I bought at Lowe's.

I'll keep posting pictures so that you can see the development of the blooms as the summer goes on.



J and J Acres said...

Nothing says 'spring' like flowers!

I always feel accomplished my a plant someone gave me thrives. Of course sometimes it doesn't so much 'thrive' as 'die'. :)

April said...

Holy moly you have a Green Thumb! Mine is black. I am clueless about planting. LOL

Mark Taylor said...

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