Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Da Kitchen!

Well, we've finally moved most of the stuff back into the kitchen and organized most of it.

I say most because it's not completely there but it's definitely a far cry from where it was!

The cabinet straight ahead was a natural wood color - we put it together from Ikea. It definitely looks better painted white like our cabinetry.

Here are the cabinets that Shooter freshly painted and replaced the pulls on. The pictures don't do them justice...they look AWESOME!!!!!

Here's a glimpse at the breakfast area...picture is dark so forgive me for that. I found that tablecloth in the linen closet when I was cleaning it out last week, not sure that I like it in there...I'm searching for something with more white in it but uses the same blues, yellows, and greens. I also need to get some valances for the windows.

We're loving the redo and absolutely cannot imagine living with the ugly wallpaper anymore! I am so glad we did all the work and have our new and clean kitchen!



J and J Acres said...

I love the cabinets, they look great!! And the new color in the dining room looks great too! You guys have been busy!

April said...

It DOES look so nice and clean and bright! I love it! And Shooter did a fantastic job on those cabinets! (I clicked on the pic to make it better so I could get a better view. Nice!)

April said...

Oops, I meant make it "bigger"

Emily Jean said...

Looks great!! LOVE THE BLUE! So calming!

bekah said...

so cute! It looks great!