Thursday, August 7, 2008

There May Be Bugs On Some Of You Mugs..... I took Morey and Leah off to the vet yesterday. All's going well UNTIL I get the dreaded phone call....the one where they try adding lots of things onto your bill that you and the dogs don't really want/need.

Well....this is how the phone call went:

"Hello, this is Laura"
"Mrs. B? This is XXXX from your veterinarian's office. I'm just calling in regards to Morey."
" everything allright with him?"
"Oh, yes, he's fine. However, we wanted to see if you wanted us to perform their dental today, because they REALLY need it."
"No, I will call back in a couple of weeks to have that done, but thanks for asking."
"Well, I also wanted to address your concern of Morey's licking and scratching excessively. In doing our exam, we DID FIND two fleas on him. Were you aware that Morey had fleas?"
"Well, no, I wasn't aware he had two fleas on him. He is due for his Advantix, so I guess he probably picked them up in the yard this morning."
"Do you HAVE any flea control or should we add some to your bill today?"
"No, I have some at home, just need to put it on him. Did Dr. B take a look at Morey's rear where he had the scaly patches?"
"Yes, he said it must be a reaction to the rabies vaccination."
"But, didn't you just give him the rabies vaccination? He's been biting at that spot for two weeks."
"Oh, well, Dr. B. wants you to give them both baths tonight and then put the flea/tick medication on tomorrow - hopefully that will take care of the itching and scratching."
"Alright. Thanks."
"So, how are you on heartworm medication? Have you been giving that to them?"
"Yes, we are diligent about giving them their heartworm medication and I'm fine with that too."
"Alright, well Dr. B. will talk to you about what steps you need to take with them when you come to pick them up."
"Okay, thanks."

I mean, seriously....I got scolded for one of my dogs having TWO fleas on him......TWO little bitty teeny weeny fleas. Not an infestation. Not a colony. TWO!!!! Ugh...sometimes I despise the vet.

Later, lovelies!



Bekah said...

yeah...i dont like the vet, I understand why jaco hates it too.

The vet we took him to first didnt even speak english...or if he did it was so heavily accented I couldnt understand it. Every sentence involved me turning to the nurse saying HUH?

and two fleas? PLEASE! he probably picked them us AT THE VETERINARIANS OFFICE! silly vets.

Di said...

vets bite (punn intended lol) !!! I'm hoping I don't have to take Ratt Baby in this weekend. That will be a visit I loathe to have.

2 fleas, most likley on vacation, hoping to hop and ride back home, that took a wrong turn in Albuquerque which put them in your general area and on the wrong greyschnauzer bus. I bet the husband got huge tongue lashing from the wife for not asking for directions when they stopped at the gas station just an hour before.

Plunger Girl said...

Vets rule if you have a great one. Before we moved out of The Land of the Lovely to Butthole WY we had a vet who I wanted to put in a ziploc bag and bring home with me.

Sounds like your vet's office is teeming with salesmen! It's seriously absurd how much crap they want to do to your pet. I refuse to have my little dogs and cats vaccinated (They are indoor-only so WTF is the point? It's unlikely that a rabid monkey will open the window, climb in, and bite everyone.) and the big dogs get rabies but that's it. I'm so anti-vaccination and that just pisses vets off.

dlyn said...

aw - poor doggies at the vet. your vet sounds like my dentist!