Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympic events? For real? I had a real leisurely weekend...Saturday I laid on the couch reading "Breaking Dawn" and watching the Olympics. Well, I actually I had the tv on mute and then when I'd see something that interested me I'd stop and watch.

Did you know that the some of these are a real, live Olympic events?

Trampoline - I watched it on Saturday and Sunday and was absolutely amazed at these folks. The Chinese...of course...were amazing and it's unbelieveable how much height they get on the tramps. I was scared to death just watching them. In a really morbid way, I was sitting there waiting to see if someone would go flying off the one did but I did see a gal misjudge the distance to the trampoline and go flying sideways.

Fast walking - I mean, what the heck??? It looks like a huge group of people need to pee really REALLY badly. Can't you just see the scandal should someone break form and jog? Medals would be withdrawn....the fast walk crowd would stampede as fast as fast walkers would a horrendous sight.

Marathon - I mean really.....2+ hours of marathon coverage....kill me now....

Handball - it's not what I thought it was....I thought handball was like raquetball but using your hands instead of raquets. Not so, grasshopper. It's kinda like dodgeball....actually I think dodgeball would be more fun to watch.

Badminton - Okay...lawn games become Olympic events....I'm waiting for croquet next year. Seriously I saw the men's champion running around the arena like a rock star. Of course he was....wait for it.....CHINESE. After he won he threw his raquet into the stands and people were trying to grab it....then he starting throwing his shoes out for people to catch....then his towels. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.

In all truthfulness...because I lie to you all the time....I am looking forward to the rhythmic gymnastics a lot. I love the ribbon thing they play with....I pretend I'm on the US team sometimes in my bedroom...I attach some toilet paper to a chopstick and go with it. I'm pretty darned good too...don't laugh.

I'm also looking forward to seeing some table tennis. Nothing like those little Chinese folks running and doing somersaults and screaming like girls all in the name of hitting a tiny little ball on a table over a net. It's mesmorizing folks!

Synchronized swimming - all children....I spent my entire youth fantasizing that I was a synchronized swimmer. I was either in a glorious Esther Williams movie or on the Olympic team. I spent a good bit of the summer practicing my moves and I was darned good....I had the nose plug and swim cap too...I was a looker.

Well....there's my Olympic recap for you. I'm going to go now and watch as many clips of Michael Phelps as I can. I can't get enough of him and his teeny Speedo. YUM!

Later lovelies!


Dreams of a Country Girl said...

oh lordy-be you made me laugh with the chop stick and toilet paper -- because i so do that too.

i have actually boycotted the olypics cause of the whole tibet thing-- but now i kinda wanna watch -- sorry tibet.

Bekah said...

Laura, I used to do interpretive dance (ISSUES) with ribbon wands. I think I still have one somewhere. In fact I'm fairly certain I do, its royal want it? I could teach you to swirl it expressively (what?? seriously my childhood was WIERD)

I was addicted to synchronized diving. ADDICTED. I think my husband is built like a diver, he didnt take that as a complement though...

jen @ the cubicle's backporch said...

So I wonder how they judge 'speed walking' or whatever it was called. When do you cross from walking fast into jogging slow?

And the balance beam scares me to death. One wrong step sideways and your head is going on the beam. I love watching the gymnastics though.... their power is amazing!

for a different kind of girl said...

When I read somewhere this weekend that trampoline was an Olympic event, I thought we had to get home immediately so I could find some coverage on television! My kids are all "Pfft! We could be in the Olympics!" I assured them it was harder than it looked, but still...jumping on a trampoline!?

Of course, when I walk on the curb and pretend I'm doing balance beam work, I, too, think I can be in the Olympics, so there's that! Ha!

Di said...

I loved watching water polo. Did you know they are treading water the WHOLE time? They don't touch the bottom and then launch themselves out of the water like dolphins to catch the ball. No wonder Water Polo players have killer physiques.

Trampoline, I had so much fun saying "out, out, in , out, in". They get a 1/10 of a point deducted for each time they are out and then again when they come back in. How 'effed up is THAT?

The Chicnese boy who won the floor routine, he's "small" like a girl. No wonder he can float through the air like he's a piece of paper, he weighs as much as one. The German who won silver, darn his legs are a powerhouse and he used them to bounce forwards and then backwards again. He should of won gold.

Olympic speed walking- where can I sign up? Do I get one of those cool helmets, those are AWESOME. But I don't do so well in spandex.

I use one of Riley's toys (the long ones on a stick) and we do the whole dance around the house thing. He gets play time and so do it lol !!!

whitney said...

I can see you with chopsticks and TP LOL but do you really love watching table tennis? I was astounded it was a 'sport'!

Plunger Girl said...

I'm not sure how I stopped myself from commenting the first time I read this post. Maybe I was too mesmerized by the thought of you with your chopsticks and TP. Regardless, I think you need to make a video of that set to some sort of inspirational music. You could do a weekly special dance with all sorts of different music. It would be AWESOME!

Bogart in P Towne said...

I love watching handball...I have no idea what is going on, but it is cool to watch...especially when the peg the goalie in the face!