Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Say what?

I am a real jokester. I mean, I like to tell jokes. I tell my jokes in the form of stories. The stories may be real or may be born in my imagination. They're pretty darn funny regardless.

I also have a side that is a sarcastic jokester. That sarcastic joker side of me is about 90% of the time truly joking. There's that other 10% of the time, however, where I'm joking but completely serious. I find that I'm usually that way with only a handful of people. I think it's a little bit in retaliation for what I perceive to be the same sort of humor played out against me - or others close to me.

There's one particular person in my life who hardly ever gets genuine humor from me and I'm not sure they even know it. I sense that the humor directed at me is 100% sarcastic truth so I reflect that back at them. It really makes me sad that they don't seem to get it. If only they could break that one wall down, I think it would make such a huge difference in their life - personally as well as professionally.

Oh well....but if they change their ways I won't get to poke fun at them being completely serious yet laughing it off. My life will be much less funny if they straighten up. Hmmm....maybe I'm more self-serving than I believe. ;-) So go on...you self-centered, egotistical SOB - talk about yourself a little more - keep that world revolving around yourself - put me down one more time - it just gives me more fodder for my own amusement.


Later, lovelies!


Bekah said...

haha are you writing this to my brother in law? cause i swear it sounds like the exact same person!

Anonymous said...

they say humor is 50% truth. sounds like yours tips the scales. wish I was there to witness the banter in person, sounds hilarious.

Di said...

I like it when you don't know if I'm kidding or not.

Did she? Was that? nah, couldn't be. But wait...maybe, was she kidding?

I'm pondering on who this person coudl be in your life....hmmmm. Do you see smoke, that's me thinking hahaha

Stacie said...

doesn't everyone have someone like this around them? UGH, they are so draining!

whitney said...

No wonder I was starting to feel abandoned and lonely! =P I'm kidding. Am I updated now??

Di said...


Dreams of a Country Girl said...

uhm, you should really have said this to my face.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

My humor is truth also.

Love the way you wrote about this!