Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh Lord Have Mercy.....

Hey ya'll!!!!

I've been slammed head first into reality....ugh....and laundry and sandy gritty dirty clothes, and towels, and dogs. :0) Well, the latter isn't bad...we've been snuggled on the couch most of the evening getting reacquainted.

But...guess what? Braveheart is back in the house....with two of his/her a box....on my dining room table. We came home today and after Shooter retreived the pups from puppy jail, errrr, the kennel, we let them out and the typical barking and howling and scratching ensued from the area where the kittens had been. We didn't think anything of it until Shooter let them out around 8pm tonight and went out with them....and he heard some hissing from under the pile in the backyard. He lifted up a piece of wood and found Braveheart and two of the other kittens. We dont' know what happened to the 4th one. We're actually pretty afraid that the kittens just moved locations and weren't actually carried away by the Mom. They don't appear to have gained weight and are much less frisky than the last time we saw them, a week ago.

Shooter went to the Wal-Mart to get some pet milk and we fed them each a few droppers full of that and they lapped it up like crazy. I think, they way they were lapping it up, that they may be weaned after all. They didn't want to take the little bottle we bought at all.

I think they'll be okay...but I have to try to get them to a rescue group. I have a friend who wants Braveheart...if she's willing to take on the medical bills then I'll let her have him and take the other two to a rescue.

Whew...I hope this all works out...

I promise pics of the vacation are coming!!! :0)


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whitney said...

ooOOoo pictures!!