Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!!


Another Mother's Day is upon us. We've celebrated 35 of them...36 if you count the one we celebrated while I was still inside you. It's kinda hard to believe that we're that old isn't it?

Gone are the days of laying on the couch side by side, sharing a blanket. But we have those memories and the picture to prove we were both once that small. Gone are the days where I would get switched for misbehaving...although you may wish you could still tell me to go find a suitable switch from the woods! Gone are the days of keeping me out of trouble at every curious little hands picking up every knick-knack and dust catcher around - you should know that I still have to touch everything that looks pretty. Gone are the days of chauffering me around to soccer practice, soccer games, flute lessons, band practice, football games, French competitions and music competitions - although you did all of this without complaint and with a smile. Gone are the days of lugging all my stuff back and forth to college...and catching me asleep and unprepared for moves back home.

I have so many memories, more than I could ever recount here. I just remember you always being there, my supporter, my driver, my friend, my disciplinarian, my chef, my teacher - always my teacher. I probably recount at least one lesson per day that you taught me - even today!

All days should be Mother's Day...not just this one day in May. I hope that I, in some way, make you feel as special as you made me while I was growing up. I cherish every memory and nothing is more fun to me than pouring over those old memories and laughing about them. It's like a mental picture album and it keeps us close and bound together.

Mom, you are my hero - with superhero powers of unnatural hearing abilities. You sacrificed more than I'll ever know. You were my protector and my champion. You were my biggest fan - cheering me even when you couldn't understand a word I was saying. You were my constant.

I love you, Mom!!!!