Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ahhh....only 3.5 more work days to go....

Update: I spoke with my Mom last night and she told me that she didn't start packing and laying out our clothes two weeks before vacation. It was more like a week. She said she had to because with two small kids we'd go through tons of clothes and she'd be doing tons of last minute laundry. I promised her that I'd post her rebuttal to my childhood memories of the incidents in question. Oh - and I also have to make sure to post the fact that I did have plenty of clothes to choose from, not just one pair of undies and one change of clothes...apparently I have the knack for exaggeration...who knew!!?!?! ;-)

Well, first I have to give a round of applause to Shooter...way to go baby!...and his first guest post on the blog. I'll get him to work on some lighter pieces in the future....he and I have been in this majorly deep and dramatic funk...but I have decided that it's enough of that.... ;-)

Lots of dramz in lots of places these days...in an effort to keep from getting "Dooced" I'm going to keep my little, wittle mouth shut. The economy's bad after all and we need my health benefits.

I am on the countdown to vacation though. I have been washing clothes and ironing and folding and sorting and laying things out. I feel like my mother all of a sudden....although, if I were really turning into her I would have started laying out clothes two weeks ago. I remember when I was a kid and Mom would start setting clothes aside about two weeks before we were to leave. We'd go on vacation for two weeks so by the time we'd gotten to the day before we left I was usually down to 1 clear pair of panties and one clean outfit. Everything else had been strategically squirreled away into the luggage and master locked. But I digress, I have basically finished washing and ironing everything and put my outfits together and planned what shoes I'm taking. I have to pack for a short overnight thing for work and then repack on Saturday evening. We leave bright and early on Sunday morning! Woot!!

I am just focusing on my mental image of me on the beach with a good book, my SPF 15/30 suntan lotion/sunblock, feet in the water, and lots of delicious seafood meals! No agenda, no specific time to be anywhere...lots of nothing!

Until then....I have 3.5 more days of work to get through...Lord help me!


for a different kind of girl said...

Your vacation sounds refreshing. I hope you return home feeling that way before you have to dive in and get that laundry unpacked!

whitney said...

You do plan on going into town don't you?! You HAVE to go to the Fort, and walk around historic downtown, and if you have time, go to the fort on Amelia Island (I think)... totally awesome places. Next time, you should take two of your favorite cousins.

(US of course, if you didn't get who I was talking about)

Jenny said...

I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing vacation!