Thursday, May 29, 2008

Everyday Nothingness

I am a much happier commuter these days! Last week a new bus route started from my part of the city into downtown...I get from the commuter lot to my office in about 30-40 min as compared to the 45-60 min that it used to take me. Now I get dropped off right in front of my office building and don't have to ride the train anymore! Woot!


I got a new blackberry, finally!!! Mine's been on the verge of crapping out for about a year now. I'm in lurve with my new Curve! ;-)'re my hero...kinda...the crazy salesperson forgot to activate my enterprise email feature...WTF???


I finally created my Twitter account today...I figured since I have my new mac-daddy blackberry that's more user-friendly I can now keep up with the world. I'm LauraBSquared if you'd like to follow me...I'm boring...I'll go ahead and let you know that right now. :-D


Last night Morey finally started showing the real signs of intestinal distress...he does this every time he goes to the kennel. He's sensitive that way and always comes back with tummy problems. Well, last night he threw up all over the rug in the living room right before our small group arrives. Then, while we were in the middle of talking, he goes and throws up all over the dining room rug - I have to walk away to clean that up. THEN while I'm talking and making a point, he walks into the sunroom and hunkers down and proceeds to take a big old smelly poop in the middle of the sunroom floor - I have to stop talking and go clean it up. It stinks too...bad...we have to take out the garbage and spray air freshener ALL IN THE MIDDLE OF SMALL GROUP! Ugh....


I wish I was back on the beach....working for a living sucks. I need to find a job where I'll get paid to vacation.




for a different kind of girl said...

Oh, poor Morey! And poor you for all the cleaning up! Hope he feels better soon.

Good luck on that dream job hunt! If I could find one that lets me sit in the breeze with a drink and a book, I'd beg for it!

Nissa said...

:) I bet it's nice not having to deal with traffic on your commute! I'd be eager to go back to work if it weren't for the terrible traffic. Ugh!

I have to log on to Twitter & add ya!


calicobebop said...

Poor pooch! Not that he couldn't have timed it better...

I hear ya about working for a living. Can I have Samantha Brown's job? I'd love to travel and then tell people about it!

Bogart in P Towne said...

New phones are nice...being able to work at the beach is nice...

Vanessa said...

You already know from my blog, but I just got the new Curve too. Love it!

Funny how the kidlets have a way of making their presence known?