Monday, April 28, 2008

Who needs HGTV!

Well, here are pics from the newly finished bathroom. Shooter's sealing the floor tonight and setting the toilet back in it's rightful place. I'm off to buy some accessories and such. Last night I had to go and lay out my newly purchased rugs to get a feel for how they'd look. I have to say, I luvs it!!!

I'm already planning to do a collage of photos over the tub. I got the idea from a website I saw the other day. I think some of the St. Augustine architecture will be really neat in there...perhaps a lot of black and white.

Here's the spot...just waiting on the toilet to return to it's rightful spot. Oh...and for the time being I'm going to put a bookcase in the spot to the left of the toilet. I want to eventually get a really nice piece to put there but want to take my time looking for it.

We decided not to paint the closet...not sure why....but we did.

It's going to look so crisp and clean once we get the cabinets painted as well as the trim and doors.

This light fixture will be history after tomorrow. Our good friend Baty is come by to help Shooter install the new fixture and give this one the old heave 'ho.

Well, you can tell what we did all weekend.

We did take a break on Sunday to head over to church and recruit new members for our small group. We added one more couple and I think they'll be a really good fit with our crazy, deviant group. :-)

Take care, everyone!


Jen @ The Cubicle's Backporch said...

Wow it looks great!!! I like the paint color over your tub... gives it a romantic look!!

Stacie said...

love it, I really love the color on the share.

I giggled a little when I saw the lonely toliet rug, just waiting there so patiently for his friend. LOL.

Laura B. said...

hahaha...yea, that little toilet rug and seat cover are pretty sad looking, eh?

The color we chose is called Spalding Gray by Sherwin Williams. We're paint snobs and only buy Sherwin Williams brand.

I've fallen in love with another color of theirs called Quietude that I think I want to paint my kitchen in. It's a beautiful muted blue/green. *sigh* I'm picturing it with a bronze metal backsplash. :-)

Bogart in P Towne said...

Very nice...hope you celebrate the accomplishment.

Vanessa said...

Looks fabulous! Great color choices!

for a different kind of girl said...

I'm not sure I'd ever leave my house if I had a tub like that in it! My bathrooms are teeny tiny. Are you two for hire! Ha! Enjoy!

silivrentoliel said...

Did I ever email you those pictures?? I have a hole in my brain... all the important stuff keeps falling out.

calicobebop said...

Wow! That looks great!! I'm in love with the light fixture above the sink - beautiful.

Jenny said...

Beautiful! That's a great remodel.

I wish we lived closer, your church group sounds great! Have fun!

Laura B. said...

Bogart - I'm sure we we'll celebrate somehow. Maybe we'll celebrate by tearing off the wallpaper in the kitchen! ;-)

Vanessa - Thanks dear! Shooter and I have a bet as to how long my pristine white rugs stay that pristine white.

DKOG - ya know - having a separate tub was one of my have to haves when we bought the house, but I rarely use it. I'd rather have a huge and fancy shower than the tub.

Calico - if you only lived closer, I'd give it to you. We're replacing it with a chrome fixture to match everything else in the bathroom.

Whit - no, you sent me a slideshow but no individual's's not like you're under any stress or anything. ;-)

Jenny - we have a most fun small group. we joke that you have to be pierced and/or tattooed to be in our group....or be a rocker dude....or all three. ha!

girlymom4 said...

Beautiful bathroom! Ours is so tiny, I'm so jealous!!