Saturday, April 26, 2008

The painting has commenced!!

Well, ladies and germs...we got started on the real meat of the bathroom remodel yesterday. Shooter came home from work and got into taking down the wallpaper border. He called me (while I was at the hair salon) and told me that it was really going to be a hard project. He said he just couldn't get the stuff down and it was going to be a long hard process to get it down. Well....he called me back about 15 min later and said he'd realized he 1) had the blade turned the wrong way and 2) realized he needed to pull off the paper to expose the adhesive. After those two realizations, things went really fast.

I came home and he had pulled all the paper off and I was ready to go with removing the adhesive. Shooter headed off to work this morning and I got to work getting that stuff off the walls. It went super fast...I'd say I had most of it down in about 45 min. I then had to go back and clean the walls and spackle a few holes.

Shooter got home and we taped off a few things and got to painting. And here are the results so far:

Here's the tub area. As you can see, the paint is a little uneven. The paint we painted over was some of the cheapest stuff around. Our paint would hardly adhere even though it's really good Sherwin Williams paint. Anyway, we'll definitely have to put two good coats on and then touch up.

Here's a full length view of the bathroom.

And the shower. Shooter still needs to finish up cutting in the area up above the shower because I'm just a bit too short to reach that area.

As you can see....the toilet still hasn't made it's way back to the bathroom. We decided that it was more important to get the painting done before we sealed the floors, because we have to wait 24 hours to go back in the bathroom once we seal.

Here's the vanity area. We're going to get rid of that light fixture and get a new one. I'm so excited to get the new light fixture. It's definitely going to make a statement.

I'm also looking to put a spacesaver over the toilet in white and then some kind of tall furniture piece next to the toilet area for towels and such. I'm looking for something but I think I might just go with a plain white bookcase until I can find that perfect piece.

I'll keep the updates coming as we finish more things...hopefully on Monday I'll have my toilet back. Our plan is to get the second coat of paint on tomorrow afternoon and then seal the floor...that way when Shooter comes home from work, he can set the toilet. WooHoo!!!!!!


silivrentoliel said...

it looks awesome! I love the color =) can't wait to come back and visit when you're TOTALLY done remodeling :) it'll be like a whole new house =P

are y'all coming to my graduation? you should. it's on a saturday (the 10th to be exact)

tz said...

love the color!

for a different kind of girl said...

Yeah for commencement! I like that color a lot! Hope things ramp up smoothly!

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Great color choice! The bathroom looks wonderful. Good job!

Di said...

I like the new walls

Julia said...

ooooh, I really like that recessed lighting!