Saturday, April 19, 2008

Oh Lord, please help me!!! today is D-day....the day we get the tile put in. I'm's looking good, so far. The guys have now been at it about 10 hours and aren't quite finished. They're going to have to finish putting in the tile by the shower and vanity tomorrow morning. The toilet area proved to be a real crapper...hehehee....apparently the walls aren't straight so each tile had to be custom cut. That little area took a good two hours to finish.

I had many errands to run today while the guys were working....I knew I couldn't handle the mess that would be around. Well, I was finished with my errands and came home and it didn't take more than 30 min for me to start to have a panic attack because of all the mess. Shooter took the carpet we pulled up from the bathroom and laid it out for the guys to walk you can imagine all the dirt and gunk that was in and under the was all over my floors. And then I had little carpet pieces all over the floor. And my rugs had been tossed to the side inthe middle of all the dirt from the carpet. I was nuts. I went on a cleaning spree. I cleaned the floors, as well as I could with the carpet still on the floor and the guys tromping around, and then I went to the kitchen and nursed my panic attack with cleaning products and a sponge.

Needless to say, 30 min later and a lot less dirt I felt a WHOLE lot better!

The tile is looking good, they'll finish tomorrow morning with putting the last tiles in and then grout everything. I won't be able to have a functioning "throne" until Wednesday, but that's okay. I can deal. It currently makes for a great place to sit while I put my shoes on. :-D


Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Awesome. Isn't it cool what a difference new tile can make!

for a different kind of girl said...

My sympathies for the mess you came home to find. I just now had to come inside because my husband is cleaning out the garage (finally!!), but it's making more of a mess because he simply won't throw anything away and it was getting harder for me to hold my tongue. Messes put me so over the edge.

But lucky you! You get something great when all is said and done! Me? I get a garage that is quasi-clean for about a week, until more stuff starts piling up! Hope things got finished up ok!

Whitney said...

AHAHAHAHA!! I wish I had issues when my house was a mess... but I don't. Not that we live in filth, but... yeah. What did Leah and Morey think of the workmen?

silivrentoliel said...

posted on a non-functioning thingy... oops.

Jen @ The Cubicle's Backporch said...

THAT'S a funny mental picture... you sitting on the toilet, putting your shoes on. hee hee.

Di said...

I think I would of had a panic attack right there. Red Georgia clay on hardwood floors, teh sound of it being ground it as they walk and then to add little tuffts of carpet floating as I walked past. Na-huh, no way jose.

You are a braver woman than I lol. At least you kept it together enough to clean without having your head spin around a a few times.

Laura B. said...

Beth - you're not kidding. The place looks so different! And in a really good way.

Girlie - Honestly, it was horrible! I kept feeling this grit under my feet and oh was just...indescribable!!

Whit - hon..I tried to overlook it...I did so for a good 30 min and then the OCD took over and propelled me through the house like a banshee!!! ;-)

Jen - isn't it though! I should start marketing foam chairs that look like toilets. If they can do it with stiletto heels, why not a toilet? ;-)

Di - Oh dear...I haven't had a meltdown like that...well, since that kind doctor gave me those pretty blue pills...perhaps I just need a stronger dose of these new "happy" pills. was a tough, tough weekend!

Pictures coming soon, I promise!!!!