Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Christmas Decorations

Well, the Christmas hangover began yesterday morning. I slid my groaning body out of bed around 6:00am so that I could ready myself for a morning of competing with other crazed shoppers for the best of what's left of the Christmas decorations. I've recently redecorated my living room and dining room so I of course needed some new decorations that would work with my new color scheme. Shooter was excited, as you can imagine. Well, my Mom and I hit Target a little after 7am with my Dad and Shooter in tow. We'd missed the mad dash to the farthest corner of the store holding the decorations....and therefore missed out on the opportunity to get a regular shopping cart. We had to settle on the one that will seat two kids....ha! Anyway...we were a regular army going in there. I knew what I wanted and accomplished it in grand style. Mom did pretty well too. From there we were off to the mall....then a sporting goods store....then Best Buy. Shooter's now headed back to the ATL since he has to work tomorrow. I'm staying with my parents a few more days before heading back. I plan on nursing my hangover a bit....perhaps with wild and crazy Wii tourneys at my cousins house? :-)

Here's a peek at some of the things I luckily landed this morning.

Whew...hope your hangover is better today. :-)

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Di said...

what did you drink that you were so hungover?