Monday, December 17, 2007

Do I look fat in this? I looked at the last post I put up in November and I've been sick for approximately one month. It sucks. I kinda got over it and Shooter got sick....then he made me sick again. Gotta love men...anyway, I'm back on the road to recovery and feel better every day (I know my podmate is so glad that I'm not blowing my nose every other minute and coughing nonstop during the minutes I'm not blowing out my brains out.

Anyway....I have been pondering something that crazy (and also nasty, mean and vile) Janice Dickinson said the other day. She was being interviewed by Al Roker and he asked her about whether she thought Jennifer Love Hewitt was fat (a reference to pictures taken by the papparazzi of her at the beach). Janice didn't even address the question, but took it as an opportunity to jump on the "let's beat up Tyra Banks" bandwagon. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a huge Tyra fan...she definitely gets on my nerves...but please, I'm so sick of the tiny portion of the population deciding that normal sized women are fat.

I read a blog posting about how women should take ownership of the word fat. Personally, I still struggle from enough self esteem issues to want to crawl into a corner and suck my thumb and pick at my toes at the thought of owning the word fat. Calling myself fat is something I do when I'm in a self hating mood...not when I want to celebrate how talented I am. I hate the other terms we use though...we call ourselves "curvy", "volumptuous", "bbw", and "fluffy". All endearing terms for the same thing....we're fat.

Well, perhaps one day we can lessen the sting of the word fat. After all, it is just a word....

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