Friday, November 9, 2007


I have recently developed a fascination with abstract photography, mostly of architectural elements. I LOVE Charleston and the seemingly endless supply of subjects. My husband and I, since I'm sure I'll refer to him often let's call him Shooter, have visited Charleston twice in the last two years. Each time we bought matted photographs from a very talented lady there in the market. I also took my own photographs, which I have to say are pretty darn good. Recently we did some redecorating in the house and Shooter helped me hang up the dozen or so frames over our new and oh so comfy couch.

The photo above I framed on it's own as a 5x7. The following were grouped together as 4x6 photos in a triple frame.

One of my absolute favorites on the wall, though, is this one:

I have my eye on a Canon Powershot G9 as a gift to myself when I get my company is so graciously giving us an extra 20% this year and I plan to use it to further my addiction. Heh.

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