Monday, November 12, 2007

I hate talking about money

Cold hard caaaaash. Moola. Cashola. Deniero. Benjamins. Daaaaahlahhz.

Ya know...I hate talking about money. BUT - you can't really get through life without it. I like to talk about wanting more money....I like money in general....but I don't like talking about how to make it go farther or not being able to spend it like a crazy woman on everything I see. I'm an impulsive buyer...always have been...unfortunately wasn't ever taught how to reign that in. I'm getting better, I'm starting to get the whole less is more concept.

Shooter and I have to get on a budget. It's gonna be a horrible session of gnashing of teeth and tears and me retreating to the corner to suck my thumb - but we need to do it. We honestly don't have a good idea of where our money minute we have some...the next it's gone. I'm sure you all understand.

We're currently going through a series on Godly money management at church. It's really smacked Shooter and I upside the head. I think more than ever about how we spend our money and what we buy. I'll keep ya'll updated on our progress - this is actually a way for me to keep myself accountable. Ugh...did I just say that. Double Ugh.

Happy Monday.... :-)

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