Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No, I don't smoke 4 packs a day

Ha! Wouldn't you know it...I'm coming down with my first official "cold" of the season. I feel pretty crappy and I called up the doc and asked if he could call me in something to make me better, FAST! Unfortunately there's this virus going around...whatever....and I am in the early stages of it. Apparently it's supposed to make me feel better that there's nothing so wrong with me that I need medicine. I got the whole, drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest, get plenty of Vitamin C and if you're not better in a week call us back. Ha! If I'm not dead in a week, I'll call.

Anyway...my boss calls me this moring...he asks if he detects a bit of a cold coming on. After I rolled my eyes and made faces he couldn't see - I told him that yea, I think I have something trying to come on. He said his wife has the same thing and plans on blaming me if he gets sick. Ha...sorry bud...not going to be able to blame your assistant on this one. Perhaps blaming your 6 hour flight from the west coast is a better idea....no need to hack off your wife AND your assistant. He then has the wherewithall to say that it sounds like I'm a 4 pack a day smoker. Ha Ha Ha. He's a commodian, my boss. In all actuality, it does sound like I smoke that much...and that I've been smoking that way since I was 10 (so you don't have to wonder....that was 25 years ago). It was worse this morning and I had to laugh at myself as I was singing to the radio - man oh man, did I have the bass part covered! Ha!

Anyway....perhaps I will make some chicken noodle soup....make Shooter do all the housework....and curl up on the sofa with the pups. Yea, now that sounds like a plan!

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