Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where was I this time last year?

I woke up yesterday morning to the chattering sounds of my sweet little boy in his crib. I thought about how awesome life is now and wondered how we filled our days before him. As I lay there in a drowsy state kinda wishing Parker would settle back off to sleep, it hit me I was doing on that morning one year earlier.

On November 5th, 2008 - I woke up very early....around 5am-ish I think....unable to sleep because I had something very important to do that morning and I was a little worried. I tiptoed into the bathroom, closed the door and quietly went about my business. I had prepped everything the night before so all was ready for me.

By 5:15am I had taken two pregnancy tests and both read "PREGNANT". I remember being flabbergasted. Shocked. I sat down on the bathroom floor and couldn't believe it.

One year ago, yesterday morning, I found out Parker was on his way. It was surreal to realize that and hear my little boy chattering in his crib on the other side of our house. Surreal and awesome at the same time.

November 5th was a day that my life changed the best way possible!


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April said...

I was just thinking about this the other day...that November 2nd was the first day of my LAST period before getting preggo AND that coming up...the day after Thanksgiving is when I realized we had a bun in the oven! And now look at our little bun, Hunter! IT definitely is amazing.

Congrats to you!!! :-)