Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dear Parker - Month 4

Dear Parker,

You have to know that Mommy has tears in her eyes as she types this. I have a hard time figuring out how you got so big so fast! This month has been one of a lot of changes for us.

During the last month Mommy went back to work. It was hard for me to imagine leaving you every day and letting someone else feed you and play with you. I cried a lot in those few days leading up to my return to the office. But, you know what? We have done okay! You love your day care and you have such a good time there. They take care of you and call me whenever they're concerned about you. I have also enjoyed being back at the office. It has helped me be a better Mom to you. One day you'll understand, I hope. It's hard to explain, but when I spend the days away from you, I cherish our time at night and on the weekends. I am more patient and easy going with you.

You learned to love the jumperoo at day care and started playing in the one we have for you at home. You laugh and play in it and just have a blast. Mommy and Daddy even video taped you in it and sent it to Grandma and Grandpa so they could see you playing. We have also discovered that you like to watch football while in your jumperoo - you watched the Tennessee vs. Alabama game with Mommy in your jumperoo.

Mommy has watched your fine motor skills develop this month too. You went from just staring at the rings hanging from your carrier to seeing them and grabbing them. One week later you went from just grabbing them to being able to grab with both hands and move them toward you. One week later you were grabbing them and putting them in your mouth. This was so amazing to watch. Mommy can't believe how much you're developing and how much you can do on your own!

Speaking of putting things in your mouth, you are full on teething now and the drool is flowing! You have to wear bibs a lot of the time because of the water works. Your two little bottom teeth are slowly working their way through and you're chewing on anything you can get your hands on...including your hands! You love to grab your blankets and try to chew on those, although you are starting to learn that they aren't as good as your rings or your froggie.

You started taking some cereal in your last bottle of the day this month too. At first it really upset your belly, so we're trying again but taking it slowly - adding a little at a time until you're used to it. At our 4 month check up we'll talk to the pediatrician about adding in more cereal and when to start you on baby food. That should be fun!

You're really trying to roll over from your tummy to your back. Mommy was playing with you last weekend and you pushed off of her hand and just about rolled over. I think you'll be able to roll over in about a week or two - I can't wait!!! You really enjoy your tummy time when we put you on your Boppy pillow. I'm trying anything I can to get you to like tummy time, because you really don't like no being able to see things around you.

You really started laughing this last month. Mommy can make faces at you and you laugh! Daddy tickles your sides and you laugh! You can say something funny and you laugh! It's so cute and you usually send Mommy into fits of laughter too. You really started "talking" this month too. I call it chattering because I can't understand a word you're saying but apparently you're really telling me a story. You will "talk" to Mommy for a long time and then I'll "talk" back to you. Apparently you understand because we will have a big conversation!

This last month was Halloween! Your very first!! You dressed up like a Tootsie Roll and you were so cute. We went to your school to go to their "Trunk n Treat" but the weather turned so cold and rainy that we only got out long enough to take a few pictures of you. You also went to a pumpkin patch with Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa. We had such a fun time and tried to take pictures of you propped up with some pumpkins. They didn't turn out so great but we got a lot of other good pictures to remember the trip.

This has been a month where you've grown and developed so much. Mommy is so proud of you and how much you're changing. I love going to your nursery in the mornings and seeing you grinning at me from your crib. When you reach out to grab my hand, you grab my heart and don't let go. You are my heart, Parker. You are the best thing I've done and my legacy in this world.

I love you,


calicobebop said...

I wish I had thought to do something like this for my daughter! I know you will love going back and re-reading these posts! Way to go Parker!

April said...

FOUR MONTHS!!! SO exciting. And you are right...where DOES the time go? Parker is growing and changing so much, it sounds like! He seems like a very happy, loved little boy. Now...POST SOME MORE PICS Of his cutness please. LOL