Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When something could be wrong but ends up so right

Several weeks ago, you may remember that I wrote about a test that I was going to have to undergo. It was an ultrasound to detect the presence of any polyps or perhaps even cancer. I had worked myself up into such a frenetic ball of anxiety about this stupid test. I was convinced that something was really wrong with me.

Well, little did the ultrasound tech, my doctor, or myself know....there was something wrong with me....or something right had happened, rather.

On the day that I went in for the test, I was actually pregnant and none of us knew it.

I look back and the tech mentioned something about an area that looked kinda "fluffy" to her. The doc looked at it and determined nothing was wrong at all, no polyps, no nothings!

Well, that "fluffy" area was probably the makings of the fertilized sac that is wreaking havoc on my body! hehehe....the soon to be baby that will kick my bladder and make me spontaneously pee....

I just have to laugh when I look back on that day....I remember how positively scared I was that something was so wrong...and in actuality things were so very right!


Di said...

that's kinda like me going upstairs and seeing them GONE and there being noodles w/ thai peanut sauce left. Could of been wrong, but it turned out right lol

bekah said...

such a blessing! and YAY I can comment again! I have no idea why it wasnt letting me!