Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Progesterone.....the drug from hell.....

Okay....so in my right mind I understand why my doctor wanted to put me on Progesterone. She wants to make sure my body has all it needs to keep the baby safe and sound, yada, yada.

But when I can't find my right mind cause I'm curled up on the toilet with a trash can in front of me and my insides are coming out in both directions....yea, I have a hard time rationalizing how good this stuff must be for me.

I spent Friday night from 11:15-11:45pm just that way....spewing my guts, my butt becoming raw, tingling like I'm about to pass out, and sweating all over.

I tossed and turned all night and went from being cold to hot to cold to hot to cold to hot. It was horrible! I had the worst stomach cramps known to any human and was scared to death that this was all hurting the baby....well, the fertilized sac that is wreaking havoc on my body.

I called the doc on call and she said I was having the most violent reaction to progesterone that she had ever heard of. Lucky me. Then she says, could it have been something that I ate. Okay lady...you may be smart enough to be a doctor...but it had been 2 1/2 hours since I'd eaten dinner...I surely to Pete I didn't have food poisoning. I've read about food poisoning...you get that really quickly...like 10-30 min after you eat.

Let's just say that I certainly hope that my doctor doesn't put me back on the drug I refuse to call by it's name anymore...it forever and always shall be called the "Drug from Hell".

Here's to being pregnant...


Edit: Okay...so I went back on the progesterone kicking and screaming. I took it with food like they said and I haven't been sick. Okay....so maybe I had a stomach bug like the kind nurse suggested. Anyway....I seem to be tolerating it okay except for the restlessness and the hot and cold thing - which could probably be attributed to the fact that my furkids can sense something is up and they are PLASTERED to my side 24-7. Oh...and prune juice is my friend....just don't stand too close to me....haha!

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Dreams of a Country Girl said...

lordy be...i was on progest. and was sick to my stomach but NOTHING like that....you are in my thoughts and prayers sweetheart!