Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday's Pretty Things

Ahhhh....this week's Pretty Things posting is dedicated to the very talented Sarah Richardson. She has some of the most lovely, delicate and masterful pieces of jewelry I've ever seen. I absolutely love jewelry and have been an accessory fanatic ever since I was a little bitty baby.

My Mother taught me early on that accessorizing was key. I have a picture that I need to scan and put on here...I had on a baby bracelet, baby ring AND a necklace. I was the STUFF don't you know.

Anyway, back to the lovely and talented Sarah Richardson. Her Pods Collection is full of amazing pieces. I particularly love the gorgeous turqoise of the Pod Cluster Earrings and the delicate beauty of the Circle Pod Necklace and Ring. Sarah also does wonderfully intricate lace pieces. I love these silver earrings as well as these beautiful gold earrings. Additionally she also has a Waterlink collection that feature this gorgeous double strand necklace. Also, perhaps Shooter can get me this ring for our anniversay....maybe....I'm just saying...

Well, perhaps one day I'll have the extra means to purchase some of Sarah's lovelies!


Di said...

I like the blue....I'm on the hunt for some green. Not that I can afford that lol, but it's nice!!!

Greetings from Dubai !

Julia said...

Her "Enamel" stuff is really cute!

Ok, Where Was I? said...

What is this thing you call jewelry? It's delicate? Lovely? Accessorizing? I have on a clean T-shirt today and that makes me feel pretty spiffy.

God, I remember wearing jewelry--doing my hair and makeup and then putting on a necklace I loved. What happened?

Kelly said...

Very cute! I love unique jewelry, especially turquoise