Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Feeling crappy....but feeling hopeful

Saturday was truly an amazing day. It started our fabulously...Shooter and I went to my favorite breakfast place where I got an amazing plate of stawberry french toast, applewood smoked bacon and coffee.

By Saturday afternoon I was starting to feel really crappy. I took a nap and woke up feeling better, so I headed off to see if I could find some wonderful bargains and a new Easter outfit. I got home and had started to feel bad again.

We were due at church at 5pm, Saturday night was our boxes of HOPE distribution. We were expecting 750 families to come to the church and I needed to get feeling better.

We got to the church and I ended up getting assigned to a group that I wasn't all that thrilled about. I ended up being assigned to the greeters group. I was very anxious about having to greet people and talk to them and the more I thought about it, the more anxious I got. I kept silently praying to myself and asking God to help me step out of my comfort zone.

In the end we didn't have nearly 750 families show up. But that's okay...God had something bigger in mind for all the leftover boxes. Shooter and I took five boxes with us and drove to three houses near where we live. The first was not so much of a house as a makeshift shanty. Johnny lived there. Johnny has hardly any teeth and is suffering from cancer. Johnny has a tarp strung between trees with a table and chairs underneath - and he sleeps in a van. Johnny has no job and relies on others to get by. Johnny really touched my heart. We also stopped at another house where a young man, probably in his early to mid-40's, lives taking care of his 85 year old parents - both of whom were in wheelchairs. Our final stop was at a home where the grandmother was home with 6 grandkids all under the age of 10. It was a tiny house and those babies had the biggest most beautiful brown eyes. Everyone we gave a box to was so thankful and you could see the bewilderment in their eyes...they didn't understand who we were or why we were at their house or why we were giving them a box of food.

Honestly, I couldn't have told them why we stopped at their house. We just did. We were just normal folks, thankful for what we have been given, passing that on to someone else.


for a different kind of girl said...

How beautiful that token of kindness was! Reading about this has made me smile!

Glad you're feeling beter!

Vanessa said...

What a wonderful gift for Easter! I bet you made Johnny's day!

Di said...

that was really nice....warms the heart =)