Friday, October 2, 2009

The best moment of being a far!

The last three months have been filled with momentous times in my life. So many firsts that I cannot count them all. However, yesterday there was a moment that caused me to stop in my tracks. Caused me to lose my breath. Caused me to cry. Caused me to completely understand why I became a Mother.

I was rocking Parker to sleep in his nursery yesterday afternoon. I had neglected to turn on his lullabies so I started humming a lullaby - only it was more like a La La La lullaby. Anyway, La is one of the sounds he makes a lot these days. He stopped sucking on the paci, looked up at me, grinned so hugely and said "LA!" I couldn't catch my breath. He recognized the sound and spontaneously interacted with me! It was a huge first in his development and a huge step in our bonding. For the first time I really understood that he knows me, knows my voice, and remembers our interactions.

I go back to work in two weeks and I really wish I had another 12 weeks off with him. Honestly, I wish I could have gone back to work and worked for the first 10 weeks and then started my leave - he's reaching such a cute stage that I'm relishing every moment with him!

Also, here are a few new pictures of the precious puddin' cup!

This motherhood thing is pretty darned awesome!




bekah said...

aw what a handsome dude!

April said...

Oh that is awesome! And what a handsome little man he is!