Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why doesn't the doctor hand out waterproof mascara?

Okay...this hormone thing is driving me batty! It's like perpetual PMS. Okay...so I know the little squirt growing in my belly is going to be worth it and all but geez...I sure hope its Dad and I are still married when it comes.

Poor Shooter....I've bitten his head off twice in the last few days for absolutely nothing in particular....actually, I think he sneezed in my general direction and that set me off.

Also, I recently had my end of year review at work and I ended up crying through 45 min of the 75 min we were in there. Yea, the boss was a little, no a lot, too direct and harped a bit much about the bad stuff. But geez, peeps. I couldn't get the waterworks stopped once they started. I did the whole hiccuping thing too....I HATE it when people do that and here I was completely and utterly out of control! My supervisor and HR director were looking at me like I was the most pitiful thing ever and that just made it worse. It didn't matter what they said...I just hiccupped and cried harder. I should have worn waterproof mascara yesterday....why didn't the doctor give me some when that test in their office came back positive? It should be mandatory.


Bogart in P Towne said...

Maybe you could just tell them you were so happy that you had a baby that you had to cry.

Di said...

I like that...congradulations your pregnant and here is your complimentary package of waterproof mascara. good luck and godspeed.

PS- the 5 week baby looks like a dinasaur

Di said...

pps- I can't spell

Vanessa said...

Awww, hopefully things will smooth out soon. You are on an incredible journey and like you said, the results will be well worth it!